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The San Francisco Tesla Society
Presents a free presentation

Who Can You Trust To Count A Secret Ballot?

The History & Future of Election Science & Voter Fraud.

Sunday, January 14, 2001 1:00 p.m.
at 3220 Sacramento Street (near Lyon)
San Francisco, California

 No - we’re not going to be focusing on dimpled chads or butterfly ballots. We will instead be looking deeper into the results of a 30 year ongoing investigation by the Collier family into the systematic rigging of voting machines, manipulations of vote counting computers, and suspicious behavior by the Voter News Service - a private organization which conducts exit poles, calculates vote projections and tabulates results for America’s press.


Come see a 1996 video featuring the late James Collier, co-author of Votescam - The Stealing of America. James and his bother Ken began their investigation with an unexpected discovery of voting technology fraud in (of all places) Miami Dade County, Florida in 1970. From there, they went on to learn everything they could about voting machine and vote counting technology. Some of their fin-dings are quite disturbing. Votescam was first published in 1992 and updated in April 2000. James Collier’s daughter, Victoria, carries on the investigation and will be live with us after the video to discuss her unique insights regarding the year 2000 Presidential election. See on the Internet.


Charles Ostman will conclude our meeting with a discussion about the future of what can be done to improve voting technology and the voting process. We will explore if there might be ways for sufficient checks and balances to be incorporated into future voting technology and procedures, to insure the integrity of your vote via a secret ballot. Charles is a senior fellow at the Institute For Global Futures.


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