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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Rob States

"Secret Knowledge of the Past
and Suppressed Knowledge of Today
- Are They Connected?"

Sunday, April 12, 2009  1:15 - 5:15 p.m. at

San Francisco Public Library
Park Branch - Lower Right Entrance
1833 Page Street @ Cole
San Francisco, CA 94117

Look no farther than the pyramids of Egypt, the foundation stones at Baalbek, or stone monuments in Thailand, Mexico, or the Andes, to see that we have lost advanced technology of the past.  Not the oil and carbon steel technology we now use, but technology our society is systematically unaware of.

Look no farther than the suspicious deaths of Eugene Mallove, Stanley Meyer, Charles Pogue, M. DeGeus, and others, to discover what technologies are now being suppressed - partly by intimidation and murder, but also by systematic funding denial, academic suppression, and a host of techniques that are sophisticated, and succeed because of their very subtlety.

Are these connected?  Our speaker, Rob States, will make that very case.

We will examine numerous inventions that work, are revolutionary to our planet, and are suppressed.  We will examine the methods of suppression, which will often surprise you.  And we will examine the larger picture of suppressed knowledge that keeps Western societies in a spiritual haze of materialism, hedonism, and misguided philanthropy.  Unlikely though it seems, these are all connected, and are a repeat of Earth’s ancient past. 

Our society lives in a time of unbelievable opportunity.  The news systematically dwells on the failed $700B bailout, bank fraud, and a coming 30’s style depression - but that’s part of the suppression.  With a few adjustments, our future will produce world wide prosperity and revolutions in scientific and health care technologies. 

Be there for an Easter that plots the resurrection of Western society.  Think back to 1942 - who would have predicted that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan would today be among the greenest and most progressive countries on Earth, and largely responsible for solar cells and hybrid cars?  Get ready for the sequel. 

Rob States is a classically educated engineer, with M.S. an degree in Gas Dynamics from the University of Colorado, and two M.S. degrees from MIT in Mechanical Engineering and in Finance.

After his academic career, Rob worked in industries as diverse as sewage treatment plants, microwave synthesizers, aircraft design, industrial incinerators, and yacht stabilizers.  In off hours, he discovered technologies that looked promising, and inventors with real breakthroughs, that were not being pursued.  This defied the MIT academic economic of better mouse traps always surfacing in the market place.

After 20 years of professional and private inquiry, Rob sees patterns in our society, and in his technical disciplines, that explain why Nobel prize winners at MIT may be as deceived as the Wall Mart greeter who watches Fox News. 

Rob has made fundamental contributions to the study of impinging gasses, resonating pulse burners, and particle dryers, and is just as comfortable talking to a room full of PhD’s as a room full of unruly 3rd graders.  He prides himself on “putting the feed down where the goats can get it”. 


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