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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation

Sunday, April 18, 2010  1:45 p.m. - 4 p.m.

featuring a free video

"Suppressed Medical Discovery"

with Robert C. Beck D.Sc

at the San Francisco Public Library
Senator Milton Marks Richmond Branch
351 9th Avenue @ Clement
10th Avenue Entrance
San Francisco, CA 94118

Dr. Beck presents his theories and his technologies in the fascinating video by the Granada Forum.  Beck was known for his leading-edge physics experimental designs in measuring subtle magnetic fields and extremely low frequency fields. His last research project in the early 1980's focused on the brain and altered states of consciousness resulting in the design of the Brain Tuner. This won him an award from the John Fitzer Foundation.

Beck read about a research project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine described in the March, 1991 Science News.  The article reported that "Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory . . ." Doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali’s research in this area piqued Beck's interest.  In 1993, a patent was filed (US Patent #5,188,738) showing how micro-currents would neutralize pathogens by removing blood from the body in order to treat it with micro-currents of electricity. He later found this research was a rediscovery as many patents had been filed over the years showing the efficacy of electricity for health.

Beck developed a blood electrification method to pass the micro-currents into blood while it still flowed undisturbed in the body.  He built several units to experiment on himself and friends and funded an AIDS study by two medical doctors.  He also devised a simple method to produce ionic/colloidal silver in the home reviving interest in it as a natural antibiotic. He developed the Magnetic Pulse Generator to create micro-currents to kill dormant pathogens in lymph and tissue.  Bob and his friends were getting healthier re-growing hair, losing weight, avoiding colds and the flu after blood electrification, ionic-colloidal silver and magnetic pulse generator experimentation. He started lecturing at Health Shows and died in 2002.

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