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The San Francisco Tesla Society

Presents a free lecture by
Hummux, Ph.D.

Sunday, March 14, 1999  1:15 p.m.
at 3220 Sacramento Street (near Lyon)
San Francisco, California

Dr. Hummux is a physicist who worked for 10 years as a systems engineer on STAR WARS. He has studied with Arthur Young for over 20 years and taught the advanced classes in Arthur Young's Theory of Process, at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness. He is currently conducting independent research and is working with the Esselen/ Ventana Wilderness Native Americans. Hummux will give a 2 part presentation.

Part 1:

An introduction to Arthur Young's Theory of Process and correlation to the Native American 4 Color Mandala.

Part 2:

Recent considerations that Hummux has become aware of regarding the origins of the AIDS epidemic and the blood electrification cure.

There will be a brief SF Tesla Society business meeting starting at 1 p.m. If you care to be part of the voting body of the Tesla Society, please be there at 1 p.m. The next SF Tesla Society lecture is scheduled for May 9. There will be no April meeting.

For more information about the San Francisco Tesla Society or this lecture, call (415) 931-2593
or visit us online at   .

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