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Newsletter Archive of Past Presentations    1999


February Determinism in Quantum Mechanics Description of Reality: Many-worlds or One Causal World?; Bohmian Quantum Mechanics Steve Bryson;
Creon Levit

Arthur Young's Theory of  Process, and the correlation to Native American 4  Color  Mandala; origins of AIDS epidemic and the blood electrification cure

Hummix, Ph.D.
April No Meeting in April 1999                    
May The Mind Of God Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D.
June Smart Drugs - Their History, Nature, Regulatory Status, Potential Impact and Future Steven Wm. Fowkes
September Nikola Tesla Memorabilia Day featuring rare videos, books, stories, articles, patent records, etc. by or about Nikola Tesla.
October Synthetic sentience, the global impact of Y2K and other subjects Charles Ostman
November Electorquake earthquake prediction system update;  Presentation of data on the enigma of anomalous geophysical measurements
at Native American and Scottish sacred sites.
Marsha Adams
December Fundamental Quantum Geometry and Potential Application to Physics and Technology. Nassim Haramein, Author of "The Harmonic Sphere Flux Resonator"

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