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Newsletter Archive of Past Presentations    2000


January No Meeting in January 2000  
February Tesla Coils, Electrum and other high energy Tesla projects Greg Leyh
March Frontiers of Subtle Energy R&D Beverley Rubik, Ph.D.
April Crop Circles - Something Wonderful Has Happened But It Was Not In The News! Ian Christopher
May What Ever Happened to the Y2K
Bug?  Open Discussion
Howard Lonsdale, M.D.; Charles Ostman
June An Examination of Alternative Cancer Therapies Frank Cuny, Director of California Citizens for Health Freedom; Followed by Video Presentation: "Hoxey - How Healing Becomes A Crime", "Rife Research Laboratory", "The Beam Ray Device"
September Solid State Nuclear Effects in the Deuterium/Palladium System Michael McKubre, Ph.D.
October The Effect of Blood pH on Metabolic Imbalances Harold J. Kristal, D.D.S.
November Shattering Resonance - Rife and the Electronic Treatment of Disease Jacque Bovee
December Highlights of the Year 2000 - English Crop Circle Season Ian Christopher

Note: The San Francisco Tesla Society takes a summer break - no meetings in July & August.

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