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The San Francisco Tesla Society
Presents a free lecture & demonstration by

Jacque Bovee

"Shattering Resonance -
Rife and the Electronic Treatment of Disease"

Sunday, November 12, 2000 1:00 p.m.
at 3220 Sacramento Street (near Lyon)
San Francisco, California

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All things in nature will resonate if stimulated with the proper form of energy at the correct frequency. Dr. Royal R. Rife (an interdisciplinary scientist with expertise in microbiology, physics, chemistry, optics, hydraulics and machine science) was intrigued with the thought of applying this principle to the treatment of disease - especially cancer, so he created and patented the "Rife Universal Microscope" - the worlds first microscope capable of observing the movements and metamorphosis of live microbes and viruses at 60,000 x. Then, he spent thousands of hours using the Universal Microscope to catalog and observe effects on various diseased microbes as he bombarded them with endless combinations of electromagnetic energy frequencies. He successfully identified frequencies that rupture or destroy various diseased microbes, and developed successful inexpensive electronic treatments for animals and man. Clinical trials on humans were made with encouraging results . His work was successfully replicated by others, and yet his research was ignored.

Rife’s work was clearly a problem for ruthless men who did not approve. His closest colleagues were threatened, bribed or murdered. His business associates were destroyed financially from the costs of fighting frivolous lawsuits even though they eventually won. Rife laboratories were burglarized or destroyed by arson, and his accomplishments have since been mostly hidden from the general public for 60 years. Royal Raymond Rife was emotionally devastated by this insidious persecution and died a broken man in 1971. It is one of the most promising and horrific stories of the 20th century as many millions of potentially preventable cancer deaths have occurred since Rife made his amazing discoveries in the 1930’s.

Fortunately Rife’s work has been rediscovered by a number of modern researchers and there is a growing movement to further investigate this promising technology, as exemplified by the 4th International Rife Technology Conference held recently in Edmonton, Alberta.

Jacque Bovee is an experienced alternative medicine practitioner who has been researching Rife technology for 6 years. She will discuss Rife’s work and give a live demonstration of some of his technology. If time permits, we will also show a video "Parasites - The Enemy Within". NOTE - PERSONS WITH PACEMAKERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED NEAR THE EQUIPMENT.

For more information about the San Francisco Tesla Society or this event, call (415) 931-2593 or visit us online at http://www.sfteslaorg .

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