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Royal Rife with Universal Microscope

The Beam Ray Device

Beam Ray Phanotron Tube

Many things in nature will resonate and shatter if stimulated with the proper form of energy at the correct frequency.  Royal R. Rife (an interdisciplinary scientist with expertise in microbiology, physics, chemistry, optics, hydraulics and machine science) was intrigued with the thought of applying this principle to the treatment of disease - especially cancer, so he created and patented the "Rife Universal Microscope" - the worlds first microscope capable of observing the movements and metamorphosis of live microbes and viruses at 60,000 x.

Then, he spent thousands of hours using the Universal Microscope to catalog and observe effects on various diseased microbes as he bombarded them with endless combinations of electromagnetic energy frequencies.  He successfully identified the "mortal oscillatory frequencies" that rupture or destroy various deadly pleomorphic (shape changing) microbes active in cancers and other diseases, and developed successful inexpensive electronic treatments via his beam ray device.

A clinical trial on humans with cancer was conducted in 1934 with dramatic results.  14 of 16 patients with significant malignancies at the La Jolla California site were "clinically cured" after a regimen of 3 minute Rife treatments every 3 days for 3 months.  The cancer disappeared in the other 2 patients after an additional 3 months.  Rife's work was successfully replicated by others, and yet his research was ignored and suppressed.  On the Internet, see www.rife.org, James Bare's RifeTech, and many other websites for details.

   Watch it    Wellness Electonics Investigative Committee 8-16-2003 Report     or  get  Real

Rife’s work was clearly a problem for ruthless powerful men who did not approve and felt threatened by a technology they did not understand and could not own.   One of the worst of these men was the AMA's utterly corrupt editor of JAMA and Medical Mussolini, Morris Fishbein.  Morris Fishbein, a man who failed his anatomy class and had never practiced  a day of medicine in his life, nevertheless went to great lengths to convince the government and medical establishment that he was a cancer authority and that Rife and his colleagues were quacks deserving of the most vigorous persecution.  Fishbein set out to destroy Rife after Fishbein was denied control and profits from Rife's technology.

"How is the individual physician who knows little or nothing of the physical basis of electricity and, in fact, knows little or nothing of any physics at all ... to have any actual knowledge of these modalities.

The introduction of unknown forces into the treatment of disease means that physicians untrained in the basic sciences on which a comprehension of these forces depends must begin anew their period of infancy and education or yield their patients and their livelihood to those better informed."

- Morris Fishbein, Fads and Quackery in Medicine, pp. 299-300
Quote reprinted in The Cancer Conspiracy - by Barry Lynes, pp. 26-27

Rife's closest colleagues were threatened, bribed or murdered.  His business associates were destroyed financially from the costs of fighting a costly frivolous lawsuit even though they eventually won.  Rife laboratories were burglarized or destroyed by arson, and his accomplishments have since been mostly hidden from the general public for 60 years.   Fishbein would eventually be dethroned in disgrace by the AMA after his true nature was exposed to the world a decade later in the Hoxey/Hearst libel trial of 1949, but the damage to Rife and many others had long since been done.  Royal Raymond Rife was emotionally devastated by this insidious persecution and died a broken man in 1971.  It is one of the most promising and horrific stories of the 20th century as many millions of potentially preventable cancer deaths have occurred since Rife made his amazing discoveries in the 1930’s.

Rife International Health Conference 2003
September 26 - 28, 2003
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Fortunately Rife’s work has been rediscovered.  A quiet movement to explore Rife technology has been building since the late 1980's outside the established (not-interested) pharmaceutically funded medical research community. The Rife revival started with the 1987 publication of "The Rife Report - The Cancer Cure That Worked" by Barry Lynes.  The growing movement to further investigate and develop this promising technology, is exemplified by the International Rife Technology Conferences

A New Modern Round Of Government Suppression

A number of individuals began building their own Rife based devices.   Some went on to market and sell their devices to others, and some have been threatened or destroyed financially and otherwise by the FDA / FTC after successfully treating individuals with their "fraudulent" and  "unapproved medical device".   The problem is that the FDA approval process is  unfairly rigged in favor of patentable drugs and devices.  A Rife manufacturer cannot recoup the 50 million dollars of overkill research required to acquire FDA approval for an unpatentable Rife machine.  The FDA doesn't even appear to have qualified staff knowledgeable in Rife methodology to properly evaluate the equipment they are confiscating as required by law.  It doesn't help that about 65% to 75 % of  FDA staff go to work for drug companies after their tenure with the government in what is known as the most notorious "revolving door" in Washington, D.C.  Who are these federal agents trying to please, the public or their future employers?

On the other hand, a well funded pharmaceutical company can lobby the government, to use your tax dollars, to do most of the research, to develop a new drug, that may have deadly side effects, that may not work as well as a Rife machine, that will nevertheless receive FDA approval, so they can charge whatever exorbitant price they want to, to more than recover the 200 million dollar approximate cost, for an FDA patent drug approval.

Frequency Resistance and Immunity

Many Rife researchers and experimenters now believe that disease causing microbes over time can learn to resist frequencies that would normally destroy them, just as a microbe can build up a resistance to a standard anti-biotic drug.  Pulsing, gating or frequency modulation of the audio component of a Rife based machine seems to be able to neutralize many microbe's abilities to gain treatment immunity.

Some researchers such as Gary Wade,  believe that the electrical or magnetic input of Rife frequencies on the body cause outer body cells to vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies creating ultrasonic acoustic waves that penetrate and destroy microbes deeper within the body.  This hypothesis is still somewhat controversial and has yet to be fully accepted by the Rife community but there are now devices utilizing ultrasonic transducers attached to the body to directly generate Rife modulated ultrasound based on Mr. Wade's ideas..

There are sometimes several different frequencies that will destroy a microbe or an infected cell.  A harmonic of the primary M.O.R. for a microbe can be just as effective if the volume of the harmonic is high enough.

Variations On A Theme - Results May Vary

The quiet debate continues as to which are the most efficient resonant frequency combinations, energy wave types and exposure duration, in the battle to shatter the most virulent disease causing microbes in man.  There's a whole new generation of Rife researchers quietly working on designs for a modern Rife microscope illuminated by technologies unavailable to Royal Rife such as a variable frequency low power laser.

Will these new researchers be able to break Rife’s real time observations of living microbes at a record optical magnification of 60,000 x ? Will they once again watch and photograph Rife’s infamous pleomorphic BX microbe, a microbe Rife believed to be the root cause of most cancer, as it is harmonically shattered with effective energy combinations?  Will the new researchers receive the backing they need to build and operate the new microscopes.  Time will tell.

Stuart Andrews and his  British Rife Group recently restored and analyzed a rare recently rediscovered Rife-Hoyland Beam Ray machine dating back to the late 1930’s.  His back engineered findings provides startling insights into the secrets of the early Rife machines and why they were so effective in combating disease.

There are a number of new Rife based machines you can use on an experimental basis, if you can find one, before the FDA / FTC runs the emerging Rife industry into the ground.

The Rife/Bare units use a Phanotron type glass tube emitting AM modulated 27 MHz CB band frequencies modulated by a standard audio function generator driving an amplified CB radio.  Don Tunney has recently received Canadian approval to market this device at www.resonantlight.com .

The EMEM-2 type units uses an audio function generator to modulate a spark gap type broadband RF transmitter which also drives a Phanotron tube.

The BioSolutions - Energy Wellness -  Naturetronics units feed amplified audio square wave frequencies into the body via low resistance wet pads and hand cylinders that you hold.

The versatile Biotec 2000 employs an amplified audio function generator that also feeds wet pads and hand cylinders, but the function generator also modulates an RF transmitter at 80 kHz that drives capacitively coupled neon gas filled glass hand cylinders or a Phanotron like tube attachment or LED attachments for use on closed eyelids and skin abnormalities.

Some people are holding electrodes attached to their amplified CD player using a special CD.

The F-Scan feeds and analyzes the bodies reaction to AM and FM modulated frequency sweeps on the human body to assist in diagnosis and treatment.  The resulting spectrum analysis is used to determine which frequencies are needed most by the body for further treatment.  This unit was developed in Europe where it was approved and is currently in use by physicians.

There are a number of other designs.  The ideal Rife machine may not exist yet, but all of the above machine types are indeed useful devices to enhance health care.   In the mean time there are now thousands of people in the world currently using and benefiting from Rife technology with very few side effects, despite orthodox medicine's ignorance and our government's ongoing efforts to suppress the technology into an utterly unregulated back room black market.

The Great Deception

It is unfortunate that so many of us have recently been led to believe by so many of our elected officials through the mass media that we desperately need the government to subsidize the cost of  prescription drugs so they are "affordable".   What is really going on here?  Could it be that the powerful drug  lobby is really pushing for the ultimate shake down and rip off - draining billions of our tax dollars as drug subsidies to make their overpriced inferior products artificially cheaper to purchase than better but suppressed alternatives.   Rife and other wellness electronics technologies are only one of several promising approaches to treating cancer that have been horribly suppressed via orthodox medicine, Inc.  See former New York State Legislator Dan Haley's landmark Politics In Healing for details.  Will the media ever raise its head out of the sand and cover the real story?

The shocking truth is that we don't need this drug subsidy rip-off or socialized medicine to make health care affordable.  There is nothing, nothing that will more effectively and dramatically lower the cost and raise the quality of health care in the United States than the elimination of our deadly pharmaceutically biased overkill FDA/FTC regulations, overkill state regulations and overkill enforcers strangling the "alternative" healthcare industry.   Now is the time for a major overhaul to establish fair and reasonable unbiased regulations and enforcement that truly serve the public interest.

Thousands of individuals are quietly using Rife technology to treat cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, herpes, cataracts, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids and a host of other ailments.  With the many variations on Rife technology available today, the FDA/FTC's recklessly imposed  black market environment makes it hard to find and determine which Rife machine, which Rife treatment provider and which variation on frequencies and harmonics is best for you.  In the United States and Canada, manufacturers, distributors and health care providers risk prison or financial ruin by making these machines available to you or by telling you how their machines really can help you.  Fortunately, a growing number of key individuals have been willing to risk their lives and resources in order for this information and technology to save lives and reach you now.  They are heroes.

What of the millions that have already needlessly died or the millions that will continue to suffer and die if this deadly suppression is not stopped?   With one out of three Americans now facing cancer, how will you, your friends  and your family cope.  We must and we will stop the suppression.  Here's how.

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