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Last update - July 23, 2009 by George Gaboury

Members of the San Francisco Tesla Society began a bold experiment in science activism with leading alternative health care individuals and organizations at a special meeting after a SF Tesla Society presentation about Rife technology suppression and revival held on June 9, 2002.   A historic first of many teleconference took place that evening.

What eventually evolved from that first meeting was the Wellness Electronics Investigative Committee, a project of California Citizens For Health Freedom.  WEIC has evolved into a world wide network of Wellness Electronics activists regularly tele-meeting and working together to foster effective industry self regulation, industry self defense appropriate governmental regulation, applications evolution, greater awareness and sensible utilization of wellness electronics..

Self Defense is our First Priority

   Listen to   Wellness Electonics Investigative Committee 8-16-2003 Report    or download the story now.

In December of 2001, Jacque Bovee,  a former SF Tesla Society speaker, 37 year certified nurse, distributor and user of the Biotech 2000 Rife based unit was raided by the FDA.  She had sold units and or given Rife health treatments to clients, but had never made any health claims regarding her equipment or her treatments.  Clients were informed that Rife technology was considered by the orthodox medical community to be clinically unproven.  The FDA confiscated about $ 30,000 of Jacque's equipment and trashed her personal computer.  To date she has not been charged with any crime.  With the one exception of  her damaged computer, none of her other equipment has been returned.

In April of 2003, Jim Folsom and Bruce Perlowin of Energy Wellness were also raided, this time by the "Operation Cure All" FDA/FTC and  U.S. Postal Service alliance.  Again, equipment was confiscated, and as to why the FDA/FTC would also be interested in confiscating dozens of designer T-shirts in this raid from Bruce Perlowin's business warehouse is still a bizarre mystery.

The FDA believes  Rife machines are an unapproved medical device under the jurisdiction of the FDA.  For a variety of reasons, this premise is highly questionable in court.  The FTC believes that the Rife technology is a sham, presents no potential benefit to health care, therefore sale of Rife based devices is a fraudulent act.  If the sale of Rife based devices is fraud, then surely mail order sale of Rife devices is mail fraud, so that explains why the U.S. Postal Service was invited to join.

Jim Folsom, Bruce Perlowin and Jacque Bovee are only some of the Rife community manufacturers and distributors that have recently been raided.  Make no mistake, the minions behind "Operation Cure All" are out to destroy the Rife community, and they won't stop there.  We strongly believe that they also want to destroy the Hulda Clark "Zapper" industry as well as the Becker industry, and as much of the supplement industry as they can go after.

Rife defendants Bruce Perlowin and Jim Folsom originally employed Jim Turner and his Swankin-Turner legal firm as their primary legal defense.  Jim Turner is an experienced FDA attorney, supportive of alternative health care modalities.  Mr. Turner is also the author of The Chemical Feast: The Nader Report on the Food and Drug Administration and chairman of Citizens For Health, a national grass roots organization approaching its tenth anniversary and dedicated to supporting citizens rights to alternative health care modalities.

The FDA never brought charges against Jacque Bovee.  After several years, they returned some of Jacque's equipment and materials they had confiscated.  Much of what they returned was damaged.  After many years of stalling. the FDA proceeded to focus on Jim Folsom as their primary target.  A new legal defense team hired by Jim Folsom had powerful evidence to present, which was never heard in court.  Jim Turner (mentioned above) was never allowed to testify about the FDA's lack of jurisdiction over Rife machines.  Jim Folsom was convicted in February 2009 but the story isn't over yet.   He has a good chance to win on appeal due to an unfair trial., but Jim Folsom is now financially ruined.  Click here for current details about Jim Folsom's case.

Everyone who understands the importance of this issue needs to participate financially or otherwise, now, in the defense.  Even the military is beginning to appreciate the potential advantages of wellness electronics capabilities  to defend troops and civilians from mass weapons of bio-terrorism, etc.  Please send a check or make a credit card phone or fax donation to California Citizens For Health Freedom at the address and phone number below.  Please indicate in the memo field of the check that you want your contribution to go to the Wellness Electronics Defense Fund .  Contributors of $ 35.00 or more will receive a thank you gift of "The Royal Rife Story" video documentary on VHS.   Monthly contributors of $ 50.00 or more will receive an additional thank you gift of 2 hours of free nutritional counseling by a certified nutritionist or naturopath upon request.

California Citizens for Health Freedom, 8048 Mamie Ave, Oroville, CA 95966
Phone (530) 534-9758  Fax (530) 534-5854


You can also send money directly to the attorneys by writing a check to

Operation Health Freedom -Rife Defense Fund
c/o Swankin & Turner
1400 16th St. N.W., Suite 330
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: 202-462-8800
Fax: 202-265-6564

Please make check payable to: Jim Turner (Rife Defense)
and write Rife Defense in the Memo field of the check.

   a credit card contribution to the defense team.

There are no free thank you gifts available at this time
for contributions made directly to the attorney team.

Media coverage of this issue is also needed.  If you can help with media coverage, please contact George Gaboury by email or at 415-753-3892  (11 a.m. PDT is best).  We have speakers standing by to present this issue to the public via mass media.

Individual wishing to spread the word on the internet should point people to for information about the issue.  We're also looking for some individuals who are willing to do some additional internet research for the defense and WEIL efforts. Individuals wishing to help us with Internet research should email or call Frank Cuny at 530-534-9758.


The Long Term Plan

 Regulation that will allow for growth of the industry while providing more appropriate consumer protection is desperately needed.  Legislative changes are also needed at the state level so that physicians will be free to offer Rife therapy to their patients without fear of losing their license for using an unapproved cancer treatment.   California Citizens For Health Freedom is working on legislation that will make the necessary changes in the law to empower physicians in the golden state.

Self regulation for the wellness electronics industry means creating codes of conduct for wellness electronics manufacturers, distributors, and treatment providers.   It also means establishing a uniform set of equipment performance specifications that manufacturers will provide to the consumer to enable effective competitive product comparison.  A general classification of wellness electronics device types may also be instituted to assist the consumer in discerning product differences and capabilities.   Establishment of industry standards will appropriately empower law enforcement to properly serve the public by taking legal action against manufacturers when they intentionally commit fraud by knowingly selling defective equipment to the public.

The Wellness Electronics Investigative Committee has created a new industry organization, the Wellness Electronics Industry League to facilitate industry self regulation, industry research and industry defense.  The historic first organizational meeting of the new league took place at the Rife International Health Conference in Seattle on Saturday, September 27, 2003.

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Frank Cuny 9/27/03

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The Rife Conference

A comprehensive presentation on Wellness Electronics defense issues, the expanding grass roots consumer rights movement for Wellness Electronics, and the need for WEIL was given by WEIC team members: George Gaboury, Jim Turner, Jim Folsom, Jacque Bovee, Tim Bolen, Carlos Nigretti and Frank Cuny.  The results were most encouraging.   Wellness Electronics manufacturers pledged their support to work together through this league for a better tomorrow.  Several thousand dollars were raised for WEIL at this meeting with pledges of more to come to support the new league.  Please contact Frank Cuny at California Citizens For Health Freedom (WEIL's sponsoring organization) for details.  WEIL is not strong enough to win the battle alone, but it is a critical ally to the growing grass roots consumer movement demanding an end to the reckless suppression of wellness electronics.

We stand at the crossroads of a great shift in the nature of health care about to happen.  Wellness Electronics and bio energy dynamics is the health care science of the 21st century. The applications are already powerful, low cost non intrusive and destined to evolve at an ever increasing rate.  Yes, science has made great strides in decoding the human genome in the late 20th century.   Deciphering and actively interacting with the electrically based information codes that govern bio-systems command and control across the almost limitless number of networked intelligent semi bioconductive human cellular membranes is not well understood at all and may very well create previously unimagined opportunities to heal the unthinkable.   This is the great health care research opportunity of the new century but don't expect the formidable pharmaceutical industry to lift a finger to investigate this.   As Dr. Bruce Lipton has suggested, understanding our bio-electric communications codes, may someday even enable us to electrically alter our genetic code in some very dramatic and beneficial ways to eliminate genetic deficiencies, etc.  The development of wellness electronics is destined to play an essential and integral role in the future evolution of all mankind.  The development of wellness electronics may prove to have an even more powerfully transformative effect on individuals and society than anything to date, even more powerful than the effects on us from the development of the personal computer. The evolution and support of wellness electronics will change us and can dramatically forever alter us for the better if it is given a chance to do so.  We are at a crossroads, indeed.   What we do now can change everything for the future.



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