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Newsletter Archive of Presentations    2003


                          TOPIC                 SPEAKER
January 12

Earthquakes and Earthlights

Marsha Adams
February 9

Development of the Nitinol Heat Engine

Dave Johnson, Ph.D.

March 9

War.Why Now! What You May Not Know.

Scott Ritter

April 13

Biological Consciousness

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

May 11

Power From The Golden Gate -A Bold New Plan To Harness Tidal Energy In San Francisco Bay  

Peter O'Donnell & Joseph Neil, Ph.D.

June 8

A New Era In Cosmology:
Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Cosmic Inflation and the Microwave Background

Byron Philhour, Ph.D.

September 14

ZevCat - Zero Emmission Vehicles

Jean Pierre Maeder

October 12

Understanding Alternative Medicine - Seeing Disease Before It Manifests

Burton Goldberg

November 9

The Roll of pH in Optimum Health

Mohsen Hourmanesh

December 14

Gamma Rays Are Not Photons

Eric Reiter

Note: The San Francisco Tesla Society takes a summer break - no meetings in July & August.

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