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The San Francisco Tesla Society

Presents a free presentation by

Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg

"Understanding Alternative Medicine
Seeing Disease Before It Manifests"

Sunday, October 12, 2003  1:00 p.m.
at 3220 Sacramento Street (near Lyon)
San Francisco, California

"Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide" by the Burton Goldberg Group Burton Goldherg is founder and publisher of Alternative Medicine magazine and  He is the publisher or contributor to a number of books related to health care, including his landmark recently revised refererence resource Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide.

Mr. Goldberg has also appeared as a featured guest on many national and international television and radio networks, including CNN, PBS, NPR, QVC, CBN, CTN, Global TV, CBC-TV, FOX, and Voice of America and has addressed such prestigious organizations as The Young Presidents Organization, World Presidents Organization, Commonwealth Club of California, National Health Federation, and Citizens for Health.

Mr. Godlberg will discuss how the most effective quantum devices can be utilized with standard medical techniques in the early diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.

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