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Newsletter Archive of Presentations    2013


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"Scientific & Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities, A Physicist's Proof of E.S.P."

Russell Targ
February 10

"The Toxic Shell Game: How Companies Swap Out Known Chemicals For Unknown Ones"

Michael Green
March 10

Thrive: The Movie
Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
SB1278 Integrative Cancer Treatment

Discussion Group Following Films
April 14 No Meeting No Speaker
May 12

No Meeting - Happy Mothers Day !

No Speaker

June 9 Strategies For Mainstreaming
Advanced Alternative Energy Technologies
Foster Gamble
July & August

No Meeting

No Speaker

September 8 No Meeting

No Speaker

October 13 "Arthur Young's Theory of Process (TOP):
Revealed as a Scientific Paradigm for Spirit In Matter"
Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D.
November 10 No Meeting - Please visit the Green Festival No Speaker
December 8 "Toward A REAL Science of Life" Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Note: The San Francisco Tesla Society takes a summer break - no meeting in July or August.

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