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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Michael Green

"The Toxic Shell Game:
How Companies Swap Out Known Chemicals For Unknown Ones"

Sunday, February 10, 2013    1 - 5 p.m.    at the

TechShop - San Francisco
926 Howard Street (near 5th Street)
San Francisco, CA  94103

Michael Green says that since World War II, "we have created tens of thousands of chemicals that didn't exist before and very few of these chemicals have been regulated.  Nor have we taken any protective measures.  Chemicals are assumed safe until proven otherwise.  The result is an unplanned science experiment.  We don’t know which of these things are going to have health and environmental consequences."

We have all heard about the toxic BPA that plastic bottles used to be made of, but what about BPS?  Current regulations ban some toxic chemicals but they don't stop industry from replacing them with others just as bad.  Today, millions of babies drink from bottles that still contain toxic chemicals. The Center For Environmental Health calls this the toxic shell game.

Join us to learn how we can work together to protect our health.


Michael Green is the Executive Director  and 1996 founder of the Center For Environmental Health (CEH) in Oakland California.   The Center for Environmental Health's mission is to raise public awareness of the corporate use of toxic chemicals and of the many viable, pragmatic solutions to this pervasive threat to public health.  

Since 1996, Michael has helped lead national efforts to stop toxic exposures and protect public health. He has also pioneered the groundbreaking legal work that has won landmark victories to protect the public from hazardous consumer products and toxic emissions. Michael has worked in Washington D.C. for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management, and the US EPA's Working Group on Environmental Equity.

Michael designed a solid waste management plan for the Tibetan refugee community in Dharamsala, India, and cared for the sick at Mother Teresa's mission in Calcutta, India. He was awarded the California Wellness Foundation's annual Leadership Award, as well as the prestigious Compassion in Action Award which is presented jointly from the Dalai Lama Foundation and the Committee of 100 for Tibet each year. He has testified in front of Congress, serves on numerous boards of directors, and is frequently quoted in national and international media.

Michael has an MS in Natural Resources and an MPP in Public Policy, both from the University of Michigan.


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