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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D.

Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D.



"Arthur Young's Theory of Process (TOP):
Revealed as a Scientific Paradigm for Spirit In Matter"

Sunday October 13, 2013   1 p.m. - 5 p.m.   @

20 Mission

Trade Hill 
Business Center

2415 Mission @ 20th Street
San Francisco, CA

Affordable parking is available a half block away
at 2315 Mission St. between 19th & 20th St.



Since the dawn of thinking, man has asked himself, "What is consciousness?"  So, how can we understand the hidden structure of consciousness scientifically in ways which conform with observed phenomenon in conventional science and physics?  Dr. Bob Whitehouse follows in the footsteps of Dr. Michael Buchele and Hummix, Ph.D. as the third SF Tesla Society presenter to discuss scientific aspects of Arthur Young's Theory of Process.

Arthur Young was a significant inventor scientist responsible for the development of the Bell helicopter.  Like Nikola Tesla and so many other significant inventor scientists, Arthur Young had a great desire to research technologies, theories and spiritual disciplines that could further the general development of mankind.  Arthur Young's most significant contribution in this area was his "Theory of Process".

Dr. Whitehouse's will review Arthur Young's Seven Stage Theory of (Evolutionary) Process and the primacy of the photon (Light) manifest in an unfolding toroidal spiral foundation of "sacred" geometric patterns associated with evolution of the material Universe and consciousness--bridging Science with Spirit, leading us to our current Turning Point.

Young's last intuition was that the torus “is a likely candidate for the 'form' of a photon”, the smallest of which has infinite energy, therefore qualifying as first cause, Creation's Big Flash (Bang). Building on this, Whitehouse will graphically show how Light's Quantum of Action-Angular Momentum-Rotation spirals out from its one point no-thingness with all power, creating Time, then Space, then Space-Time, all in the sacred geometric divine proportion (phi ratio) (or approximate) that not only creates all, but also fills all that is in the universe with light.  "God is Light" religious implications will be explored and Whitehouse will propose a possible resolution to the question of Immanence or Transcendence.

Shapes predicted by Relativity and Quantum theories are shown by Young's discoveries to come together in the form of a particular torus, embedded at all scales of organized matter and spirit.  Seven evolutionary stages for torus based "matter" and "spirit" are associated. These fundamental seven stages effectively describe and dictate general evolution, human development and the movement of history.

At all developmental scales of matter and spirit, a remarkable caterpillar to butterfly like turning point rebirth occurs at the middle of the 4th evolutionary stage.  In the evolution of matter, this turning point occurs when complex molecules organize to the point where their pattern  is constrained to fixed crystallizations or quickened to become self replicating (alive).  In the evolution of spirit, this turning point is sometimes referred as a rebirth of consciousness when spirit becomes more "alive".

The chaos that accompanies the Turning Point is predictive.  It provides reasonable hope that we humans can and will evolve to a higher stage and level of function. Part of the challenge at this 4th stage turning point is to let go of what is not sustainable, and to master the principles of more enlightening developmental combination timings.



In the second half of the presentation, Bob Whitehouse will use Biofeedback monitors to measure and modify Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Capnometry (a measurement of breathing chemistry ETCO2).  Bob will demonstrate how to synchronize proper breathing to attain harmonic alignment with your heart’s resonance frequency for peak mental and physical efficiency.



Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D. is a licensed psychologist, biofeedback specialist, emeritus professor of psychology, and former sport and performance psychology Biofeedback Asst. Professor.  He sees clients for therapy and for peak performance strategies utilizing Heart Rate Variability and Capnometry biofeedback as part of his practice.  He gives talks and workshops locally and around the world.  He is writing a book called The TORUS Project: Evolution of Consciousness at the TURN, New Reason to Hope.

Dr. Whitehouse is also a VP of Fully Alive Institute, and Director of HRV in Peak Performance Lab.  Whitehouse is an HRV instructor in the Graduate School of Breathing Sciences, and one of 5 colleagues of Arthur Young commissioned by ANODOS to develop a new graduate level online course on Arthur Young's Theory of Process, as outlined in Young's books The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning. This course will premier at the University of Philosophical Research in 2014.

Bob Whitehouse lives in Boulder Colorado with his wife Dorothy, and several pets.  He has 4 children, a stepson, and 4 grandchildren.



TheTORUSProject.com (under construction)
Arthur Young YouTube Channel

email: BobWhitehouse@gmail.com



Dr. Bob Whitehouse and Dr. Michael Buchele will present:

"A Theory of Everything Whose Time Has Come:
Arthur M. Young's Theory of Process (TOP)"

Friday, October 18, 2013. . . . . . . . . 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. . . . .  Introductory lecture
@ Foundation For Mind Being Research    $15 non-members, $5 students
 Unity Palo Alto, YES Hall, 3391 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 

Saturday, October 19, 2013 . . . .. . .  10 a.m. - 5 p.m. . . ..  $65 workshop followed by no host dinner.
@ Masonic Lodge Fireside Room, 146 Main Street, Los Altos, CA

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