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Newsletter Archive of Presentations    2004


                          TOPIC                 SPEAKER
January 11 Distributed Wind Power:
Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels
Troy Helming
February 8

The Physics of Biochemical & Cellular Interactions with Rife Frequencies in the Treatment of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases

James Bare, D.C. &
Steven Haltiwanger, M.D.
March 14

Member's Show & Tell Science Videos Day

Determined by members

April 11

Tesla - Master Of Lightning


May 9

No Meeting - Happy Mothers Day !

No Speaker

June 13

The World of R. Buckminster Fuller

Jay Baldwin

September 12

Tesla Based Wellness Electronics Briefings from the November 2003 Tesla Energy Conference at Beltsville, Maryland.

Thomas Valore, Ph.D., Jeffrey Behary., Ralph Suddath,
Ryn Raevis, Mark Neveu, Ph.D.,

October 10

The Role of Salt & Water In the Human Metabolism for Optimal Health

Mohsen Hourmanesh, D.E.D.

November 14

Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World

Jasmina Vujic, Ph.D.

December 12

In Memory of Chuck Wallach

Video of Chuck Wallach, Mohsen Hourmanesh & George Gaboury

Note: The San Francisco Tesla Society takes a summer break - no meetings in July & August.

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