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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Mohsen Hourmanesh

"OmniMorphic Architecture"

Sunday,June 10, 2007  1 - 5 p.m. at

San Francisco Public Library
Park Branch - Lower Right Entrance
1833 Page Street @ Cole
San Francisco, CA 94117

Post industrial revolution societies have been built on false premises and entropical presumption that the environment is a "free good" and "in infinite supply", causing wasteful use of resources, creating deficits. To arrive at a process and procedure to meet these global deficits in harmony, respect, stewardship, and coherency with creation, a paradigm shift in design is the fundamental wisdom for future sustainability. This presentation will focus on Solar Energy as a sustainable input resource in the context of passive Solar Design and application of paramagnetic materials in design. Mohsen will also focus on subtle vibration of architectural design in the context of a newly developed theory of PHIOMETRY. The profound wisdom of Omni Morphic Architecture is summarized into its two components: (i) Solagritecture, a unified field approach to Solar Energy, Agriculture, and Architecture in the scale of micro and macro developments (Passive Solar Energy Systems is included in this component), and (ii) PHIOMETRY, which, in this context, will focus on inducing resonation with natural processes to provide fractilation in design components.

For over 3 decades Mo has served as an architect, consultant and author in various aspects of sustainable design projects such as passive solar design, utilization of biomass, sick building analysis, environmental municipal conversion and ordinance development. B. S. in E. E., Utah State 1972, M. Arch. in Passive Solar Design, UT Austin 1977, Doct. Environ. Design, Texas A & M 1979. Mo also founded and operates the Avicenna Studio for Health Design.


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