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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a special free

E X T E N D E D      P R E S E N T A T I O N

presentation featuring

Highlights of the 2006
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Sunday,July 8, 2007  10 a.m. - 8 p.m. at

San Francisco Public Library
Park Branch - Lower Right Entrance
1833 Page Street @ Cole
San Francisco, CA 94117

An afternoon of lectures on video will be featured, selected from the following: Jeff Behary's "Nikola Tesla’s 'Tesla Coils,' " Oliver Nichelson's "Tesla’s Fuelless Generator" and "Tesla’s ExtraOrdinary Bladeless Disc Turbines" by Jeffery Hayes, Brown's Gas... Fire from Water by Larry Oja, and Vernon Roth’s suppressed "Joe Cell" technology, William Alek and Peter Lindemann’s presentations on Harnessing Radiant Energy, zero point science in Thorsten Ludwig’s "Excess Heat with Hydrogen Tube" and Moray King’s "Cascade Electric Discharge for ZPE Activation." Other presenters include: Mike Windell/John Fiala, "EECD (Day/Night "SolarCell"), Forrest Pittman, "Power Factor Correction Makes Every Watt Count," Ron Nott, "The Power In Space, "Don Davidson’s fascinating "Antigravity Effects in Nature" and Harvey Fiala’s "Inertial Propulsion Paradigms."


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