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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Eric Dollard

A History of the Marconi & RCA Station:
Bolinas California"

Sunday, November 8, 2009  1:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. at the

San Francisco Public Library
Senator Milton Marks Richmond Branch
351 9th Avenue @ Clement
10th Avenue Entrance
San Francisco, CA 94118

On September 24, 1914, the first transpacific link in a globe-encircling chain of wireless telegraphy stations was completed with the opening of two big local plants at Bolinas and Marshall, Marin County, by the Marconi Wireless Company.  For more than a year the 300 kilowatt duplex station which connected a similar New Brunswick, N.J. facility, with a Kahuka, Hawaii facility, had been in the course of construction.  The Bolinas/Marshall installation was a vital ship to shore Pacific maritime communications center for many decades before its retirement to the National Park Service.  A little known and extraordinary Alexanderson directed antenna system at the complex will be featured in Eric Dollard’s talk.


Eric Dollard has spent much of his life studying the works of Nikola Tesla, C. P. Steinmetz, J.J. Thompson and others.  Eric built his first 10 KW transmitter during high school and later excelled in the Navy as a microwave telecom trouble shooter.  He is the author of several significant books on electrical theory.  Eric was an on site scientific investigator at the Bolinas site working with the Park Service until much of the equipment there was destroyed by others.  Eric Dollard currently provides consultation services to electric utilities.  Eric is also chief scientist for the American Marconi Foundation.

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