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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Rob States, M.S., P.E.

The Politics of Free Energy"

Sunday, December 13, 2009  1:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. at the

San Francisco Public Library
Senator Milton Marks Richmond Branch
351 9th Avenue @ Clement
10th Avenue Entrance
San Francisco, CA 94118

We will start by examining the most notorious political suppressions of free energy, how they were suppressed, and what technologies were targeted.  We then examine the three most promising free energy technologies, and their current state of development.  Surprisingly enough, these two lines of inquiry converge on exactly the same three technologies.  Inventors need both a technical plan for free energy development, and a political plan for popularizing the technology without getting suppressed.   The easiest way to get suppressed is to popularize the technology for profit, but once political barriers are subverted, the market for knowledgeable scientists in the free energy field will explode.  The way to get rich is to wait for your turn.  So join us as we explore a grass roots scientific plan which may actually deliver on the promise of free energy.


Rob States is a classically educated engineer, with an M.S. degree in Gas Dynamics from the University of Colorado, and two M.S. degrees from MIT in Mechanical Engineering and in Finance.

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