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Rachel Pachivas

"Proposition 37
The Push for Mandatory GMO Food Labeling in California

Sunday, September 9, 2012    1 - 5 p.m.    at the

TechShop - San Francisco
926 Howard Street (near 5th Street)
San Francisco, CA  94103


828 scientists from 84 countries sent an open letter to all governments 12 years ago calling for the immediate suspension of all environmental releases of GM crops and products, both commercially and in open field trials. Numerous studies have documented harmful effects of GMO foods.  The FDA has declared that GMO's are safe despite  disturbing warnings from its own scientists.

GMO food labeling is currently mandatory in 40 countries including China.  An estimated 70% of all food in the United States contains GMO's or traces of GMO's.  By contrast, less that 5% of foods in Europe contain GMO's.  GMO foods have been  rejected by European consumers since 1997 when European GMO food labeling became mandatory.  Big ag companies may fear the same rejection by U.S consumers if GMO labeling becomes mandatory here.

The California Right to Know - Proposition 37 campaign to label genetically engineered foods in California is a true a grassroots movement started by a  persistent grandmother in Chico.  Millions of Californians have come together to stand united on this issue to fight against big pesticide and ag-biotech companies.  If passed,  Proposition 37 will require that foods sold in California containing genetically modified organisms will have to be labeled as "GMO" foods..  California consumers will have the information necessary to make a more informed choice for the foods they want to purchase.  Opponents claim that GMO foods are perfectly safe and that GMO labeling will increase food costs.

Rachel Pachivas is the Northern California Field Coordinator for the Prop 37 California Right To Know Campaign.

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