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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

John Light

"Online Security For Inventors & Activists"

Sunday April 13, 2014   1 p.m. - 5 p.m.   @

20 Mission
Business Center
2415 Mission @ 20th Street
San Francisco, CA

Affordable parking is available a half block away
at 2315 Mission St. between 19th & 20th St.



The internet is an incredible tool for communication, helping people collaborate and organize on a scale never before possible in human history. However, it is a relatively young and complex technology which was not designed with privacy of end-users in mind. As a result, many activities on the internet can be assumed to be public knowledge and easily attributable to a specific individual by default. For people working with sensitive information which requires more discretion and privacy than that, additional security measures must be taken to protect personal information. This talk will describe easy and actionable steps that can be taken to add a layer of security to one's internet activities.

After starting a degree in International Business Management at Northern Virginia Community College, John decided that he preferred a more hands-on learning experience, and took on marketing and operations duties at independent media startup ADAM VS THE MAN. After helping to build out the operations and expand the audience through social media, John left AVTM to pursue his dreams of improving the world with technology. Since moving to the Bay Area in early 2013, John has been an active participant in the local cryptocurrency scene, starting a professional Bitcoin consultancy business at bitcoinconsultant.me, founding a local trading meetup called Buttonwood SF, co-founding PawnCoin, a company providing digital currency technology to the pawn industry, and somehow finding time for blogging at Let's Talk Bitcoin, Money and Tech, and his own blogs at p2pconnects.us and @lightcoin on Twitter


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