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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Lauren Palmateer, Ph.D.

"The Human Body Antenna:
An Electrical Engineer’s Perspective

Sunday, March 11, 2012    1 - 5 p.m.    at the

TechShop - San Francisco
926 Howard Street (near 5th Street)
San Francisco, CA  94103

* * * *   Daylight Savings Time Begins on March 11     * * * *


Acupuncture was officially introduced to the US population in the early 70’s after Henry Kissinger’s trip to China during the Nixon administration.  The concept of the “Body Electric” still remains dormant compared to the more predominant chemical model of the body.  Historical events, patents, relationships to medicine and electrical engineering in the field of the vibrational science and the electric body will be discussed.  The classic electrical engineering model of the body does not address the idea of resonances in the dialogue of mainstream science and engineering.  This lead to the thermal model of the interaction of cell phone usage with the human body as well as it tends to exclude the non thermal effects and drives industry to increasingly produce and expand in wireless services as smart meters and broadband wireless with little available industry data on the resonance effects.  Topics such as electromagnetic sensitivity studies, current status of RF in San Francisco, examples of measurement equipment that go beyond the classic definition of electromagnetic energy into the field of energy medicine and detection of subtle energy will be presented.  Further analysis of the work of the French radio engineer Louis Turenne, who mapped and coined the term “shaped caused waves” that interact with the energy body, is explored.  Tools for measuring and detecting shaped caused waves will be on view.


Dr. Lauren Palmateer's areas of expertise include: design & development of flat panel LCDs displays, e-readers, touch screens, display electronic packaging, biophysics and strategic patent analysis.

She received her PhD from Cornell University School of Electrical Engineering in 1989 in III-V Semiconductor electronics.  Lauren has worked at Bell Labs, IBM, Qualcomm and four Silicon Valley start up companies.  She was a part of the original team at IBM research developing the first color laptop display, the Thinkpad.

Dr. Palmateer holds 22 issued patents and pending applications.  Lauren is also the author of numerous technical articles.  She specializes in manufacturing aspects, equipment and process design, materials, packaging and interconnects in display technologies.  Lauren Palmateer also explores biophysics engineering applied to healthcare and product development.


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