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The San Francisco Tesla Society

presents a free presentation featuring

Karla Gottschalk, J.D.

"Significant Interactions
of  L.S.D. & D.N.A.

Sunday, April 08, 2012    1 - 4 p.m.    at the

San Francisco Public Library
Park Branch - Lower Right Entrance
1833 Page Street @ Cole
San Francisco, CA 94117


As a gifted student at U.C. Riverside from 1967-1969, under the leadership of  E. Crellin Pauling (a son of Linus Pauling), Karla Gottschalk conducted experiments with ligase mutant that exposed controversial unexpected effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) upon chromosomes.  She developed the dynamic theory of DNA replication "burbling" that creates myriad geometric differences from the same codon length to answer the question why and how so many proteins are generated from small areas of DNA codons. Her first dynamic model of two "slinkys" intertwined showed how the movement of electricity through the coils determines burbling and conformation.  Karla's talk will focus on this important neglected research.


Click below for a pdf copy of Karla Gottschalk's free e-textbook:

Growing & Healing with Light Emitting Diodes
(LED Photobioenergetics & Phototherapeutics with Accompanying Studies & Resources)
First Edition 2006 copyright retained by Karla Gottschalk

Click here for a free jmol 3D molecular modeling Java viewer.

Karla Gottschalk received her BA in English with an emphasis in Genetics from U.C Berkeley in 1971.   She received an M.A. in Speech Communications from San Francisco State University in 1973.   She studied at Georgetown University Law Center and received her J.D.  from the University of San Francisco Law School in 1979. 

Karla received certification as a traditional naturopath from the American Naturopathic Certification Board.   She also served in the Peace Corps Ethiopian smallpox eradication program.  In 2004 Karla authored a textbook "LED's For Healing & Growing".  Karla Gottschalk is currently a producer for Occupy Live TV and serves as legal counsel for Occupy San Francisco.  She is a practicing attorney in California and Hawaii since 1980.


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